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Marketing Dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard brings all your online marketing data to one, simple place. From our dashboard you can monitor all your online ads, as well as the traffic they are generating to your website or social media pages. Our dashboard helps you quickly understand your costs per click and track the resulting increase in business.

Why worry about logins, passwords, and managing different payments when Local Clicks can simplify the process to one payment, one password, and one dashboard to monitor your entire online presence.

Display Ads

In addition to advertising on search engines, it is important to advertise where people spend most of their time online: consuming content. Whether it be news, sports, entertainment, or forums, people spend an increasing amount of time online reading or watching the things that interest them. Display ads allow your business to tap into this network and advertise your business on large websites. With Local Clicks, your ads only display to people in your area – similar to how a local tv ad can air during a national broadcast. Advertising to customers where they already spend their time is an important part of any online marketing strategy.

Mobile Ads

The whole world has gone mobile, and so has online advertising. The added benefit of mobile searches is that people are usually searching at the moment they need your business – they are ready to call, email, or get directions. Mobile advertising allows your business to show up when people are searching for your services from their mobile device. Conversion rates for mobile advertising are significantly higher than traditional forms of advertising.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When people need goods or services, they use search engines to help them find it. Market your business directly on the largest and most active search engines to attract clients at the moment they are looking for you. With pay per click advertising, you only pay when interested people search specific terms in your area click on your ad and visit your website.

Search Engine Marketing allows you to avoid the expensive, confusing world of SEO, where everyone is trying to show on the first page of Google. Instead, it allows you to promote your business while understanding exactly where your money is going and what results it is generating. Search Engine Marketing is the modern solution to the classic problem of how to attract targeted visitors to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The rise of social media has changed the world of online advertising. Now the that people so freely share their information, their network, and their habits, business can target potential customers with a high degree of accuracy. Social Media Marketing involves advertising your social media pages to build your following with real, local people that are interested in your business. It also involves promoting your social media content to reach more people in your network. For Facebook, this would mean ongoing campaigns to consistently increase your “likes” from people around your business, as well as boosting your posts so they reach those that “like” you and their social network.


Not everyone who comes to your website makes a purchase, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your business. Retargeting allows you to continue to advertise to these potential clients after they leave your website. Your ads will follow them around the internet and display on the sites they already visit regularly! Retargeting allows your business to stay top of mind to the people considering your services. This is just one way Local Clicks helps you squeeze the most out of your ad spend so you get the highest conversion rate when it comes to turning a click into a client!

Personal Marketing Consultant

At Local Clicks we have one goal: to make things simple. That’s why our customers have a personal marketing consultant to help them make sense of the numbers, brainstorm ideas, and track the return on investment. Our personal touch and simple dashboard is why so many businesses choose Local Clicks to manage their online advertising.

Call Tracking

Local Clicks helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising by tracking which ads lead to calls to your business. Understanding why and when clients call, and what happens after the call, help your business become more effective and efficient. Call Tracking is essential for evaluating your online marketing measuring the return on investment. It also helps you understand your client’s behavior, so you can better cater to their needs.